Phonak Hearing Aids

Phonak operates out of Zurich Switzerland under the vision of “a world where everyone enjoys the delight of hearing and lives a life without limitations”. The Phonak philosophy operates under three key values: being passionate, always engaging, and continuously pioneering.

Phonak Hearing Aid Lines

The Naida B by Phonak is the fifth generation of the company’s most trusted power hearing aid. The Naida B utilizes multiple technological innovations such as SoundRecover2 to make understanding speech easier even in distracting listening environments. SoundRecover2 “recovers” higher-pitched sounds that are typically missed during speech and copies them at a lower pitch so they are easier to understand. The technology does this while preserving the lower-pitched sounds for a natural experience. The Naida B comes in three models to meet your needs.


The CROS B is Phonak’s solution for people with single-sided hearing loss or for those who suffer much greater hearing loss in one ear over the other. The CROS uses technology to determine where the sounds you want to hear (especially speech) are coming from. If, for example, the speaker is on the side of your less dominant ear, the hearing aids will communicate this and will automatically stream the speech directly into your better ear. These hearing aids also utilize Phonak’s Belong™ technology, which allows them to intuitively adjust to your different listening environments.


The Sky series from Phonak was created especially to meet the individual hearing profiles and needs of children of all ages. The Sky™ hearing aids are chock full of the powerful features included in Phonak devices. These hearing aids are also completely customizable, allowing your child to choose from thousands of color combinations to truly express their personality. These hearing aids are also more durable, and are resistant to dust, sweat, and water.


The Lyric by Phonak is a dream come true for people with an active lifestyle, or those who want a completely discreet hearing aid. The Lyric is currently the only aid on the market that is inserted directly into the ear canal by a professional – making it 100% invisible. The Lyric can also be worn for months at a time without being removed – including during activities such as swimming or showering.


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If you have questions about Phonak Hearing devices, reach out to our friendly team to inquire. We aim to be a comprehensive hearing health care center, and will work tirelessly to meet your needs.

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